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SAy, "i do!" with a view ...

Couples appreciate our central location, our varied spaces and our stunning views. We have great get-ready rooms, cozy, elegant and unconventional spots for intimate photos, 360° views of St. Louis and a spectacular 16th-floor ballroom we can configure any way you like. We have elegant private rooms for more intimate receptions and rehearsal dinners, too.

If you decide to keep things simple, you won’t have to do much to have a stunning setting. Add flowers, if you like, and your choice of linens, if you like, and our elegant spaces do the work of welcoming your guests.

If, on the other hand, you crave more of an eye-popping, confetti-dropping, dramatic-draping, special- effects-heavy, high-energy event, bring it on! We’re ready!



At Saint Louis Club we mean business. In other words, we take your events so seriously, you can go about your business. We attend to every detail thoughtfully … cheerfully … professionally. Our Catering Team can schedule music, order table decorations and floral arrangements. We can set menus and create place cards and nametags.

We’ll arrange for the “hardware” you need, like audio-visual equipment, and for the softer touches that make an event memorable, like menus made out of chocolate or your logo in chocolate or customized boxes of chocolates made by our talented chefs in-house. Yes, we’re fond of chocolate, but we have lots of other flavors to satisfy you and your guests, too.  


You’ll find Saint Louis Club a perfect venue for large-scale entertaining. We dare you to try to fill our freshly renovated, weather-proof, underground parking facility -- so many spaces in our garage we threw a party to celebrate its reopening and invited everyone we knew. They all fit!

In 1964, architects designed our building knowing a bustling, high-traffic, high-dollar, high-stakes city club would occupy its top three floors, so they carefully laid out our elevator lobbies. They paid extraordinary attention to the smooth flow of guests … and equipment … and supplies. You and your guests will navigate quickly and comfortably from set up through departure. Our elevator lobbies exit conveniently into cocktail lounges, near coat rooms and restrooms. Our spacious cocktail lounges have exits on all sides to provide excellent traffic flow for all kinds of entertaining.


We can accommodate from two to 600 guests in our private rooms and lounge spaces. Our central location and complimentary parking make for easy access with happy arrivals and departures.

For groups of 12 or fewer, you and your guests may order from our a la carte menu – always packed with many delicious specials and member favorites. For more than 12, we will help you customize a set menu.

Reach out to our Catering Team:

Lauren Dittmeier at

AJ Brewer at


  • OUR 14th FLOOR
    • the founders room - up to 50 guests, seated

      We dedicated this room to the 63 forward-thinking founders of The Saint Louis Club. Their time, talent and treasure (not to mention tenacity) made our magnificent Club possible. This corner room with southeast views connects to our St. Vrain Room. You may book them together or separately for:

      • Breakfast + a meeting
      • Cocktails + dinner
      • A day-long business meeting + break-out room
      • A bridal or baby shower + lunch
      • Your own private wine or whiskey tasting + dinner
      • A mastermind group + cocktails

      st. vrain - 24 seated

      Connects to our Founders room for use together or separately. Includes a small, private bar, perfect for private bachelor dinners, bridal & baby showers. The light in this south-facing room offers a perfect business-breakfast or board meeting venue, too. We hold Memoir-Writing Workshops, Card Parties and Wine & Spirits Tastings here, too – a flexible space with a cozy, welcoming vibe.

      the louisIana room - up to 70 guests

      This strikingly beautiful corner room with northeast views captures what we like to call “approachable elegance.” Polished enough for an all-business day but with enough personality for pure fun. The Louisiana Room has a built-in screen we can lower from the ceiling, but we make it disappear for low- and no-tech gatherings. You may book this room with the adjacent lounge to enjoy spectacular city views, with a breakfast or lunch buffet and/or cocktail service.

  • OUR 15th FLOOR
    • The Marquette Room - up to 8 guests

      Private. Quiet. Elegant. Perfect for a high-level negotiation that might take all day or a high-stakes lunch or dinner. Members love this room for small, private meals with colleagues, friends and family members.

      The Lisa room - up to 6 guests

      Beautiful. Functional. Fabulous. Ask us to bring in technology for a business meeting or high chairs and wheelchairs for a private family Thanksgiving or Easter gathering.

      The lafayette room - up to 12 guests

      Medium color wood paneling, with a long conference table & red upholstered chairs. VIP dinners, Board gatherings, wine tastings, negotiations, celebrations … this room says, “Something special always happens here.”


      The dark-colored wood paneling in this room with red upholstered chairs and large conference table strikes just the right tone for everyone from deal negotiators to Thanksgiving celebrators.


      This remarkable and extremely popular corner room has southwest views and enough space to accommodate a double-wide conference table. The Chouteau Room’s beautifully muraled walls prompt positive comments from guests on nearly every occasion.

  • OUR 16th FLOOR
    • the lewis & clark room


      Brides LOVE this room for the photos they capture in front of its windows. Said to be a replica of a famous room in Paris and another in New Orleans, this corner room with a northwest view features rich, red flocked wallpaper. Porcelain & gold vases adorn one wall. Visitors really do get the sense they have stepped out of St. Louis when they enter this space.

      the pierre laclede room - 6 to 8, with upholstered furniture, up to 16 standing

      The Pierre Laclede Room, named for the Founder of the City of St. Louis (Pierre de LaClede Liguest) serves as an ante room off of our elevator lobby. The room boasts a magnificent chandelier, a fireplace and a small, elegant but surprisingly comfortable seating area. This tiny gem of a room provides an ideal “special” cocktail area for your guests on its own or, more commonly, in conjunction with a 16th-floor Ballroom event. We host casual wine tastings in the Pierre Laclede Room on our Seafood Buffet nights, as well, along with smaller business networking events.

      ballroom - up to 280, seated without a dance floor, 240 with a dance floor


      The most elegant ballroom in the city with a view of the eastern skyline.

      * The Ballroom and Main Lounge combined can accommodate up to 350 people. Our entire 16th floor can accommodate up to 600 for a standing reception.

    • 16th Floor MAIN LOUNGE – 280 standing

      The 16th floor lounge (Main Lounge) is a long reception area with rich wood paneling, elegant décor and several comfortable “living-room style” seating areas. It can accommodate up to 280* people for a stand-up reception.

      * The Ballroom and Main Lounge combined can accommodate up to 350 people. Our entire 16th floor can accommodate up to 600 guests for a standing reception.

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