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Saint Louis Club membership can advance your career and your company ... expand your business and social networks ... allow you to hold high-level conversations and close high-dollar deals ... advance the causes that matter to you ... and ... help you celebrate life's milestones ... all while enjoying the city's finest dining, the world's finest wines, the freshest, most innovative cocktails and our region's most breathtaking views.

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To Make Saint Louis Club the best part of each member's Day!

From casual meals to business functions to family milestones … from Trivia Nights in jeans to VIP Wine Tastings in spiffy duds … from theatre tickets to car detailing, we pamper our members in ways even they didn’t imagine we could or would. They tell us they think of The Saint Louis Club as an extension of their homes – a place where they always feel welcome.

In our quest to make Saint Louis Club the BEST part of a member’s day, we offer incredible benefits, from little, local touches to global reach:

  • Open from 7:00 a.m. through midnight weekdays; 5:30 p.m. to midnight Saturdays;
  • An amazing new space -- a technology-friendly, denim-friendly ALL-DAY CAFÉ with great, sky-high views of the Gateway Arch;
  • COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE from 7 to 11 a.m. every weekday + elevated caffeine options;
  • COMPLIMENTARY FRENCH PASTRIES from 8 to 10 a.m. weekdays in our great new denim-friendly space;
  • BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER weekdays & Dinner Saturdays – casual and formal;
  • An eat-in or take-away LUNCH BUFFET weekdays – 2 soups + 2 sandwiches + 2 sides + cookies + a beverage for $20;
  • A small-plates BISTRO BITES menu from 5:00 to 9:30 p.m. in our BAR 14 Lounge;
  • Offer NO-CORKAGE THURSDAYS for wine collectors;
  • Feature incredible Coravin/By-the-Glass options from our STELLAR CELLAR;
  • Craft and serve in-house-barrel-aged CRAFT COCKTAILS you won’t find anywhere else;
  • FREQUENT-DINER FREEBIES - for every 10 lunches or dinners (restrictions apply) you enjoy at the Club, you’ll receive a complimentary meal for four;
  • A complimentary HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEAL in our Saint Louis Room to use during your birthday month;
  • A complimentary HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DINNER (two appetizers + one entree + one dessert + coffee or tea) in our Saint Louis Room during your anniversary month;
  • INNOVATIVE PROGRAMMING – business-advancement programs, speakers, etc.; We strive to equip, enlighten & entertain our members and their guests with cutting-edge/best-practice programs that keep them ahead of the trends and on top of the innovations that matter to them.
  • NO- AND LOW-COST NETWORKING EVENTS: We offer frequent opportunities to meet many of the most influential corporate, civic, philanthropic & entrepreneurial leaders in St. Louis.
    • From 7 a.m. to midnight weekdays and 4 p.m. to midnight Saturdays, members call our casual, tech-friendly, well-equipped 14th Floor their second office, their third space after home and work and the first place they think of for a bite or a beverage over lunch, after work and before or after a night on the town – with spectacular, 360° views and the best craft cocktails you’ll find anywhere.

    • Members and guests head to the Club every Friday night from 8 to 11 p.m. to hear some of St. Louis' best performers -- with no cover charge + occasional cabarets and dancing. We’ll even feature stand-up comedy for a good cause called, “Hilarity for Charity.”

  • Cooking Classes
    • Conducted by our Michelin-rated chefs ... You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll leave knowing how to dazzle your dinner-party guests with famous French specialties and beyond. Ask questions. Take photos. Take notes when we take you behind the scenes, into our world-class kitchen. We include a recipe booklet & a three-course lunch with one of our amazing chefs + perfect wine pairings, so you can recreate the whole experience at home … or … just savor the memories until our next cooking class.

  • Cocktail Tastings & Classes
    • You can become a master mixer at home ... 
      Jumpin’ Juniper; it’s a Gin Tasting! … No, wait. Next time, we’ll sip several whiskeys and vote for our favorite. … Next, we'll break out six different colors of Johnnie Walker Scotch – Double Black, Green, Gold, 18-Year Platinum and the brand’s celebrated Blue.

      Or perhaps you’d prefer to step behind our beautiful bar and sip, sample and study the techniques for shaking and stirring 10 different cocktails in a single Saturday afternoon, complete with fruity or flaming garnishes. Members love our unexpected and classic adult beverages and our inventive, award-winning bartenders behind the jiggers. We fill our Club calendar with special opportunities for you to fill your glass.

  • Wine Tastings
    • From the “wine curious” to the connoisseur …

      "We make it our mission at The Saint Louis Club to bring the finest wines from every corner of the world to your table. We don't offer a 'Wine Program;' we deliver a Wine Experience! Our wine cellar contains unparalleled variety and spectacular vintages, so we can offer wine tastings and wine dinners you won't find anywhere else."
      Saint Louis Club Sommelier
      CS/CSW Award of Distinction Winner

  • Wine Dinners
    • Enjoy pairings from our unparalleled cellar ...

      SAINT LOUIS CLUB: A WINE DESTINATION. We stock our cellar with true gems.

      Our Philosophy: Our wines should reach their peak state precisely when we place them on our list or when we feature them at a Tasting or Wine Dinner.

      From curious newbies to avid collectors, our patient, passionate, approachable Sommelier ROB CRANDALL, CS/CSW helps members make beautiful memories with wine … at home & away.

      Wine Curious? … Wine Connoisseur? … Wine Collector? …

      We feature wine events and wine-lover amenities for nearly every taste and budget, from complimentary samples from select vendors … to $25/person tastings … to $100 - $200/person region-specific or vineyard-specific events … to $1,000+/person four-, five- & six-course dinners, featuring ALL first-growth wines or ALL Robert Parker 100 point wines, Peter Michael, DRC, KRUG and more …

      We don’t believe in offering skimpy sips, even at our tastings. You’ll enjoy generous pours, so you really get to experience the wines and identify your favorites.

      Stay tuned for details about our WINE VAULT program – a chance for collectors to keep a few of their own favorites at the Club … AND … to purchase a few of the rarest bottles in our cellar at tremendous discounts.

      Heading to foreign or domestic wine country? With advance notice (and that’s key), Rob can serve as your “Vacay Sommelier,” pointing you to places he wouldn’t want you to miss.

      REACH ROB: rcrandall@stlclub.com

  • No-Corkage Thursdays
    • In Out Saint Louis Room ...

      NO-CORKAGE THURSDAYS – A Perfect Perk for Collectors. If you have a special occasion that calls for the best bottle in your cellar … or you have favorite wines you’d like to pair with one of our Chef’s specialties, please bring them to the Club … any Thursday. Bring your own wine. We’ll open it. We’ll let it breathe. We’ll pour it … at no cost to you … on Thursday evenings in our Saint Louis Room.

      You may bring your own wine on other nights of the week, but we’ll charge a reasonable corkage fee. Restrictions apply as to the number of bottles you may bring on a single night. Check with Sommelier ROB CRANDALL rcrandall@stlclub.com or our Catering Department catering@stlclub.com to be sure about pairings or policies.

  • Stunning Private Meeting Rooms
    • Most with fantastic views and all with stunning decor for business or personal meetings and celebrations ...

      You’ll find 10 welcoming, discreet, polished & professional spaces where you can bring prospects, clients, high-level candidates and host high-stakes meetings and meals. You may just feel like your IQ rises a few points every time you enter. After all, we have it on good authority that several very-smart members and guests have penned billion-dollar deals behind those private doors.

      On the personal side, your heart may expand as you walk down our hallowed halls, too, soaking up the energy from grooms who popped the question, birthday partyers who popped balloons, baby showers with guests popping in to guess the gender and couples celebrating 50, 60 and 70 years together.

      Oh, if our walls could talk … but they never will! And that’s just one of the reasons to love our private rooms.

  • Reciprocal Clubs
    • As a SAINT LOUIS CLUB member, you may stay, meet with colleagues, sponsor events and/or work out at any one of more than 125 Clubs around the country and around the globe – great locations, great amenities, great connections – often at below-market hotel rates; 


  • Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa
    • A deep discount on Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa membership;

      If you like to work out, swim, take cutting-edge fitness classes, get massages or beauty treatments, members of The Saint Louis Club get a better rate on Wellbridge memberships than anyone, conveniently billed monthly to members’ Saint Louis Club statements.


  • The Country Club of St. Albans
    •  Reciprocal Privileges at The Country Club of St. Albans ...

      Saint Louis Club members enjoy an innovative reciprocal agreement with THE COUNTRY CLUB OF ST. ALBANS, allowing full dining, meeting, swimming & tennis privileges, as well as access to St. Albans’ two GOLF DIGEST Top-Ten-rated championship courses.


  • On-Site Member Car Detailing
    • FANTASTIC FINISH offers car wash and detailing services located on the C level of the 7701 Forsyth building garage.

      Available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by appointment.

      Owner CLARENCE COLLINS offers discounted prices to Saint Louis Club members

      To make an appointment, call Mr. Collins:
      Work: 314-725-5513
      Cell: 314-330-1386

      View Flyer

    • Club membership includes signing privileges for spouses or domestic partners, if applicable, so significant others may use the Club without having the primary member present.

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