First, Finest, and Only

A group of innovative business leaders founded The Saint Louis Club in 1964. They craved a space where they could share ideas, make big plans and celebrate local, regional and global successes while enjoying distinguished food and wine, sometimes as a centerpiece, sometimes as a sideline but always carefully prepared, exquisitely presented and graciously served.

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    • In 1991, Saint Louis Club leaders formed a Menu Committee to research the needs and desires of members. The work of the committee resulted in the adoption of the following Mission Statement:

      “The Saint Louis Club strives to be the foremost dining club in the Midwest. Achievement of this goal depends upon the ability to serve consistently high quality, predictable, and on occasion, extraordinary, food in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere that is pleasing to the members and guests. Responsibility for attainment of this objective is shared equally by membership, management, staff, and the Board of Directors.”

      In recent years, The Saint Louis Club has attempted to shed a bit if its “predictability,” but we have preserved and expanded our reputation for “extraordinary” dining. In 2017, the Club completed a $1.8 million renovation of our 14th Floor, removing our lovely-but-dated French furnishings and finishes, removing the heavy draperies, woodwork and walls that hid our stunning views of St. Louis and replacing them with the huge, open, denim-friendly, tech-friendly All-Day Café space we have now, where members gather wearing everything from sports jerseys to black-tie finery.

      Over time … like many city clubs after the 2008 recession, Saint Louis Club became a “best-kept secret” that couldn’t afford to remain a secret … and survive. Our forward-thinking leaders decided to study the trends, study our market, study our competition, ask our members (and their children), and, based on the wisdom they collected, they launched a plan to go beyond survival to resilience and relevance with a happy, hip, friendly space that preserved the approachable elegance of our other two more-formal floors but welcomes a new generation.

      Now, our members still get to enjoy our time-honored traditions, but they enjoy them in a fresh facility, with updated technology and the pure gold of a younger, more diverse member population.

For more than 50 years, our members have left enduring legacies of service and success. With a recent, stunning transformation of our 14th-Floor, The Saint Louis Club has preserved our cherished, more-formal traditions, and we’ve embraced the advanced technology, emerging trends and more-casual vibe tomorrow's leaders will demand.

1960 -- Westward Expansion

Like Lewis & Clark before them, four forward-thinking businessmen head west of the Mississippi, but their “expedition” focuses on fine food and friends, not on furs. They begin planning a luncheon and dinner club in Clayton, site of St. Louis’ westward expansion: G.J. Nooney, founder of the real estate investment firm, Nooney Co.; Sidney Studt, proprietor of real estate development firm, Studt-Wilson Development Co.; W. Alfred Hayes, founder and president of the actuarial consulting firm, W. Alfred Hayes & Co.; and Robert Mudd, Chairman of Fruin-Colnon Contracting Company.

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